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December 3, 2021

With the transition to the new COVID-19 Protection Framework from Friday the 3rd of December effectively, we are very pleased to be able to return to our offices here at Chester Grey.

Like many of you it has been somewhat confusing when trying to understand what the requirements are under the ‘Traffic Light’ system – particularly at this Red-Light level we are entering in Auckland.

Our team have been working from home over these last 100 days or so and although our business can operate independent of its physical premises, we have all acknowledged, neigh at times lamented collectively about the need to get back together and to be able to see clients face to face.

However, amongst the myriad of readings to disseminate and understand what the requirements are for returning to our office under this Red Light, what is clear is that after 100 odd days, the levels of anxiety are much more heightened at this time.

It is within reason for people including our team to be concerned about returning to some normality like working together in the office as well as general mingling in public now that all businesses are returning. And so, it has been extremely important to us to ensure we manage that anxiety as well as most importantly, ensuring the health and safety of our team, their families, our clients and our wider network are considered when determining what new rules should be in place around the office.

Based on our assessment of risk we have decided that our office will be open to fully vaccinated people at this time. All our team are vaccinated. We are keen to reconnect in person with clients and our wider network – but should that be face to face in our office then we will be asking for your vaccination pass. If you would prefer however, we are more than happy to meet outside of the office at a location of your choice.

In addition, we do require masks where possible to be worn in our office during meetings. We will provide them should you need one and will adhere to the guidelines around social distancing during the course of that meeting.

It is important we coordinate any appointments so we will be asking for any meetings to be scheduled. This is also to accommodate the fact that not all our team will be in the office together. We have developed various cohort groups who will rostered to different days to again mitigate the risk of any future exposure events. So please bear with us when scheduling any appointments as we may need to ensure that member of the team is available in the office at that time. However this is not necessary should you wish to take a meeting at an alternative location.

If you need to drop information without an appointment then please feel free to come to our office – but we would ask that you call first to advise a time.

These are the requirements we have set during the period we are at the Red setting at this stage and will be reviewed regularly in line with the Government guidelines. When and if those settings or guidance changes, we will update accordingly.

We certainly are looking forward to this final run into Christmas and finally getting back together – both as a team and collectively with some of our clients.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding attending our office, please feel free to contact us.

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