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Be confident you have the right insurance

November 1, 2019

Do you own a car? Most of us will answer yes, I own a car. Is your car the same or different from other peoples? We all have different cars – electric, V8, luxury, two seats, eight seats etc. We all own a car but have significantly different types.

Do have insurance? Most of us will answer yes, I have insurance.Is your insurance the same or different from other peoples? Just like your car we all have insurance and there are significantly different types.

For example, is your life and trauma insurance policy accelerated or stand alone?At claim time this is very important! If your policy is an accelerated policy type and you claim on the trauma benefit (say for cancer) the life benefit maybe cancelled. You survive your cancer scare but you no longer have any life cover and you are unable to get more due to your illness.Do you know if your policy is standalone or accelerated? Did you even know there are different types?

At Chester Grey we rely on our trusted advisers to both inform and implement the best insurances for our individual circumstances. We are recommending all our clients review their insurances to make sure they have the right policy in place at claim time. A few minutes now could prevent financial hardship later.

Chester Grey utilises Gerard Gill to undertake independent insurance reviews on behalf of our clients. There is no cost for the initial review and report findings.Be confident you have the right insurance type. It’s so important at claim time.

Contact Carole Smith on 277 8278 to arrange for Gerard to check your insurances.