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November 2, 2018

Shona Lyon is an Auckland-based professional sculptor specialising in figurative and portrait bronze sculptures. Shona’s sculptures are based on the principles of sacred geometry and the classical sculptural techniques introduced to her by her mentor, International Master Sculptor Martine Vaugel. Shona was fortunate to train privately under Martine in the Loire Valley, France and will be forever grateful for her inspiration and guidance. Shona also provides group workshops on sculpting and offers private one-on-one tuition.

Shona’s art reflects her own reinvention; she meditates to get into the right mental space before she begins the creations of her sculptures. Shona loves to push the boundaries of classical sculpture by introducing new modern mediums into the mix to develop sculptures that are complex in both form and content.

Until 2006, Shona worked in the business world, but a trip to France introduced her to the love of her life – sculpture. At the age of 44, she returned to New Zealand and began the process of extricating herself from business and entering the realm of art, travelling between New Zealand, Italy and France and learning and basking in the work of the masters. Unable to stay away from business, and fielding frequent queries about where she sourced her tools and materials, Shona later set up Sculpture & Moulding Supplies Limited and started teaching workshops.

Shona has huge philanthropic motivation behind her work, saying, “I want my art to engage with people’s hearts before their brains, and many people are like me in that they feel an instinctive connection to the natural world. I am very passionate about animals, and I believe I can use my sculptures to build awareness about conservation and animal protection while donating to organisations working at the coalface.”

Shona’s latest exhibition, Mythos took place throughout June and entwined locally created art with global conservation. The new collection featured approximately 25 works in bronze, and has distinctive themes of physicality and the human-animal relationship. Shona deliberately connected her work with related causes by donating part of the proceeds from sales of her animal statues.

Shona is also available to do commissions.



Leap of Faith

The moment when fear yields to surrender, and we jump into the void of the unknown with nothing, but hope clenched in our hands.

Becoming Human

Leaving the perfection of heaven to join the earthly realm where duality is part of the world. Good, Bad, Black white, right wrong, strong weak. Dropping her wings symbolises her birth into the world of mortality.The Angel is dropping her wings to become human and in this process is losing her perfection.

Eros and Eris

The Twins of Aphrodite and Eris born from love and war. The horse represents one being and the male and female represent the opposing forces within that one being. The work represents the conflict that takes place within each of us. Eros = love and light. Eris = chaos and strife. We wish to love one but not the other and yet both are within each of us. When they work together we get a dynamic push/ pull effect. One and separate, identical with identity.

Juvenile Orangutan

I created this piece as I love to watch these wonderful animals. They think everything is amazing and this sculpture depicts the wonder and amazement as he studies his foot. A donation of $250 will be made to the Orangutan Foundation International for each bronze sold.