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Scam emails from 'IRD'

November 1, 2019

A number of our clients have received emails from IRD stating that they have a refund and they need to contact IRD (and they give you a link to click on).These are not real and are a (very good) scam.

In come cases the emails are going to work email addresses stating that ‘IRD are using your work email address as you registered for myIR with this address’.Some cases they say that IRD have calculated a refund for your income tax or GST and they give the dollar amount of the refund.

In all cases (that we have seen) the emails ask you to click on a link and have your credit/debit card ready so they can process the refund.DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK.

Things to check:

  • IRD will never include the dollar amount in a refund email
  • There may be no personalised greeting in the email
  • The IRD number will not be your number

4.If you hover the mouse over the link it will show an address that does not point to ird.govt.nz

If you have received an email from IRD and are not sure if it’s real, please contact us and we can check your IRD account to confirm.However, for those that we have already checked – none of them were real.

If you have received an IRD ‘scam’ email you can forward the email to IRD at phishing@ird.govt.nzand they can then follow up with the sites to have them removed.